~Sandy N.
Thank you once again for a beautiful, inspirational, wonderful retreat weekend!
It is always such a gift, blessing and joy to be at Christ the King. Thank you for your gracious hospitality as well.
~ Cardinal Adam Maida
The Passionist's have a very human way...
The Passionist's have a very human way of bringing the Lord to people through the passion, suffering, and death of the Lord.
This center and the people in it are a gift!
Not only to those on retreat but also by extension to all those who feel the love and peace we will pass on when we return home.
~ Pat
The passionists reach out to people, minister to them, and share their lives wheter a person is in their own life.
They are very much in tune with the crucified of today, the people who are hurting. They take the love of Christ to them.
~ James
Going on retreat is a moving experience...
You feel the presence of God and the spirit of Christ as you walk through the retreat center doors.
~ Marcia
Come and experience the peaceful oasis at Christ the King Retreat Center...
A fine jewel set within the city of Citrus Heights.
~Brenda A.
Thank you all for a “true experience of the Risen Lord.”
This is the best Easter celebration that I have ever had. I have been touched, I have been changed.
~ Roger
Experiencing Christ the King Retreat Center is like a gas station...
My tank is empty when I arrive and during my stay I fill up with premium.
~ Stan
The retreat center is a safe haven to escape from everyday life...
To reflect, gather your thoughts and be at peace. When you leave the center you're a better person for the remaining 51 weeks of the year.
~ Theresa
Retreats at Christ the King Passionist Retreat Center are a gift.
We need to choose to open the gift and spend time in an annual retreat.