The Institute for the Study of the Passion addresses the theological, psychological, and spiritual aspects of Jesus crucified in the modern world. As an educational outreach, this program will be offered to both professional persons who minister in formal ways and people who seek a deeper understanding of human suffering. The Institute offers a variety of educational programs in light of contemporary Catholic Biblical scholarship and the solid spiritual heritage of the Catholic Community in addressing a renewed consideration of the Passion of Jesus as reflected in the New Testament. Such a study will address the practical aspects of suffering as a real part of people’s actual lives.

We continue to proclaim Christ Crucified in the tradition of the Passionist Community’s “option for the poor” the Institute will seek to:

  1. Study and meditate upon the Passion Narratives of the New Testament
  2. Explore the history of the Cross and Crucifix through the centuries
  3. Explore the Ecumenical / Interfaith implications of suffering
  4. Explore the contemporary issues of violence and religion
  5. Address the issues of abuse
This would be a series of Lectures on Thursday Mornings from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon

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